Over the years I’ve both given and received fan art.  It’s a great way to kind of cross-promote your site, while showing that you actually read comics that other people make.

As I’ve bounced from webhost to webhost, links have gotten broken and in some cases artwork has been lost.  But while going through an unused folder, I found my fanart.

Now, for the first time in probably at least six years I’m restoring it to the website.  You are still welcome to mail in your stuff and have it hosted here on this very same page!

Stuff sent to me

I remember who sent some things, others I simply don’t.  If you sent something, let me know and I’ll attribute it to you!

(Click on image to pop full-sized!)

Dan Wolfe


Maria and Michelle

Roz Kwan


Stuff I’ve sent!

I’m more than a little sure that every comic listed below is long dead, and probably subject to link rot (with the exception of the dead Reasoned Cognition.) That’s the main reason I’m not linking to the sites.